Lincoln Union School Petaluma Novato Marin District

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The One-Room Class Experience

Lincoln School is a unique educational alternative for students and their parents. One of the benefits of Lincoln School is the flexibility it provides students and their families.  The expectation is that each student has different academic and social needs and that those needs are well addressed in an individualized manner than an expectation that everyone needs to be at the same level. This individual attention supports student learning and development.    

·      Lincoln School focuses on each student individually.  Children learn in a safe and wholesome environment that reduces stress and fear of failure thus freeing the student to reach his or her potential. 

·      The school’s one-on-one educational experience allows for self-driven learning, increasing a student’s personal responsibility over their learning and encouraging them to take their education seriously.  It also unmasks a child’s leadership capabilities.

·      Lastly, one-on-one interactions give students essential opportunities to practice inter-personal communication.